Sea Salt

Sea salt is the most nutritious way to build blood and get the necessary minerals that your body needs, from salt.  Table salt contains iodine that has been added during processing.

When given a choice we always select a naturally unprocessed product like sea salt which simply comes from evaporated ocean water, over a man altered product like table salt that comes from salt mines, and then iodine is added back into the salt with the claim your thyroid needs it.

Sadder still most mainstream sites claim their is no nutritional difference, which would seem illogical and nonsensical considering the salt from various oceans is likely to contain different minerals then salts from different mines throughout the world.  Seem like a bogus claim in my opinion.  Also the verdict is out about how your body process any synthetic chemicals or additives that is inserted / injected into your foods?

Avoid this practice when you can and try to get all the nutrition you need from natural, organic, unprocessed foods.

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