Organic Home Fries, AKA French Fries or Potato Wedges

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Organic Home Fries With Dipping Sauce
Organic Home Fries With Dipping Sauce

One popular misconception we run into: people somehow mistakenly conclude that eating organic means you can’t have things like French fries. Not true! You certainly can, and it’s sooo easy to make them. The short version of the recipe: just take organic potatoes, cut ’em up and fry ’em in organic oil, top ’em with sea salt and any organic seasonings you want to add. That’s it!

We say “yes” to the fries but “NO” to all the toxic pesticides they use when growing conventionally farmed potatoes, and “NO” to all the preservatives and other junk they add to processed French fries you buy from restaurants or the supermarket.

Our personal take on it: While we do try to eat mostly raw and organic, we occasionally enjoy treating ourselves to fried foods, ice cream, and other things people might consider to be “junk food.” We just don’t want to eat unwanted chemicals and pesticides along with our potatoes, thank you very much. You can avoid quite a bit of this sort of junk by using organic potatoes and a healthy organic oil to make your fries.

We don’t recommend eating fries every day (even organic ones.) And of course, if your goal is to lose weight, this probably isn’t the way to do it. But if you ever crave French fries, this is definitely the way to go!



  • Start with organic potatoes, thoroughly washed and dried. Peeling is not necessary.


  • Use a healthy cooking oil such as ghee, organic coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil or flax oil. Cold Pressed preferred, but raw oil is more expensive, and won’t remain raw for long. Although we buy raw, since we usually use the oil for raw recipes and only sometimes cook the oil. It’s your choice based on availability and budget, and future plans for the rest of the container after the fries are long gone.


  • Optional: Sea salt, and / or other seasonings to taste. We enjoy sprinkling a variety of different organic herbs and spices onto our home fries.


How to Make Organic Home Fries

Slice your potatoes super thin for faster cooking (which also uses less oil) OR

A thick wedge cut style fry.

Fill your pot, but don’t overfill it. (A low wall pan is subject to lots of dangerous hot oil splatter, so a pot is better.) Start with 1 potato, as the size of your pot and commitment to using more oil is a factor.

Start with about 1 inch of oil and heat it. Try not to overheat it. Get it sizzling without catching the oil on fire or smoking out the house.

Put your potatoes in with a large spoon. If you drop them, splatter will occur. Don’t overstack, let each piece have enough room to cook smothered in oil. Add more oil to the top. You can save on oil, and just flip the pieces often if you don’t want them smothered.

I like mine a little less brown than my wife, who likes hers extra crispy, so keep an eye on them flipping ever so often if they are cooking faster or more brown than you like.

When they are finished, remove them with a large slotted spoon, or stab them with large fork. Sprinkle with Sea Salt or other seasonings and serve.

Oil will splatter so be careful.

Repeat the process as many times as you like. The size of the pot you are using, and the size of the potato, plus the type of cut determines how many potatoes will fit in the pot at a time.

DO NOT throw out this delicous oil. Either use it in your next soup, stir fry or make more potatoes tomorrow. It will be fine and not go bad in the next 24 hours if you leave it in the pot, as long as your house isn’t super hot.

It is super simple. Enjoy!

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