Organic Dip Recipes Dips and Dipping Sauces for Raw Veggies, Chips, Crackers, Rice Cakes and Other Snacks

Are you searching for delicious organic dip recipes to enhance raw veggies, organic chips, crackers, rice cakes or other snacks? If so, this page is a fantastic place to find them. These are all free recipes made from organic, all natural ingredients.

Raw Vegan Organic Hummus Recipe

– For those of you who are on the Mediterranean diet, this dip is ideal for serving with pita bread. If you’re a raw foodie, try serving this hummus with raw organic cucumber slices, or other raw veggies such as organic peppers, carrots and celery. It also makes a delicious topper for rice dishes, or a lovely dip for pita chips or other similar snacks. We like it with rice cakes, too.

Raw Organic Avocado Dipping Sauce – This dip is delicious with a variety of raw or cooked dishes. It’s yummy for dipping raw vegetables, but it’s also a delicious dip for organic french fries too.

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