Colonial Beach Organic Salad Recipe This Easy, Tasty Salad Can Be Either a Before-Dinner Salad or the Main Meal.

Colonial Beach Organic Salad Recipe
Colonial Beach Organic Salad Recipe

We named this the “Colonial Beach Organic Salad” because it was concocted in Colonial Beach, Virginia, where the organic pickings are slim at best. All of these items were found at the local Food Lion store, which would not have ordinarily been our first choice of places to shop. We’re glad that they did at least they have some organics to choose from, which is more than I can say for quite a few of the grocery stores out there.

If you make it with the salmon and eggs suggested, this salad makes a full meal that includes gigantic portions big enough for 2 hungry adults. Of course, you can also reduce the portion sizes and serve it before the main meal if you prefer. When used as a dinner salad along with a meal, it serves up to 6 people.

Salad Recipe:

La Preferida Organic Mild Jalapeno Nacho Slices
La Preferida Organic Mild Jalapeno Nacho Slices
  • 1 heart of organic romaine lettuce
  • 2 organic carrots
  • Organic jalapeno nacho slices — we used the mild ones by La Preferida. They also have hot jalapeno slices if you prefer.
  • 1 can of salad bean mix — we used Westbrae Natural vegetarian organic salad beans, which include kidney, pinto and garbanzo beans.
  • 1 can of salmon
  • 6 organic free range hard boiled eggs

If you have a salad bowl handy, you can toss all the ingredients and serve with tongs. We skipped that step and just piled all the ingredients high on our plates. Either way works.

Salad Dressing Recipe:

Mix 2 parts vinegar with 1 part sesame oil. We used the vinegar straight from the jar of jalepeno nacho slices.

Add Salsa — In this particular salad, we used Nature’s Place organic medium salsa. They also make mild and hot salsas if you prefer, or feel free to substitute a different brand.

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