Organic Vegan Iced Mocha Recipe How to Make a Vegan Iced Mocha Drink

Organic, Vegan Iced Mocha Drink -- The Free Recipe Is Available Right Here on Our Website.
Organic, Vegan Iced Mocha Drink — The Free Recipe Is Available Right Here on Our Website.

Looking for an organic, non-dairy chocolate coffee drink recipe such as a vegan iced mocha? This is it — you’ve found one! This recipe enables coffee drinkers and hot chocolate lovers to get their “fixes,” even in hot weather when it isn’t exactly comfortable to be drinking hot beverages.

Because this particular recipe was concocted for an infrequent coffee drinker, it is heavier on the cocoa than it is on the coffee. If you’re a coffee fanatic, you may wish to increase the amount of coffee slightly — or try our iced coffee recipe instead of this drink.

Ingredients Needed for Making Vegan Iced Mocha

  • 1-2 oz organic coffee
  • 1 tablespoon organic cocoa powder
  • 2 tablespoons organic sugar, or the sweetener of your choice. We used demerara sugar instead of white refined sugar in our sample beverage. If you don’t want to consume any sugar whatsoever, a little pinch of organic stevia would be a good substitute for vegans. Or you could try using a bit of maple syrup instead of the stevia if you prefer. For those of you who don’t care about eating vegan, a little honey would also be delicious in this recipe.
  • Optional: sprinkle of cinnamon powder, or a cinnamon stick
  • Optional, but highly recommended: A splash of vanilla extract
  • Plus water and ice

Important Notes: This recipe serves 1, however, we brewed an entire French press full of coffee — which obviously was not all used in the above beverage recipe. We used the rest of the coffee to make regular iced coffee. If you prefer, you could brew less coffee, or you could make more of these drinks to give to other people, or you could use the rest of the coffee to make other coffee-based recipes.

Milk, or Lack Thereof

We didn’t use any milk whatsoever in this particular recipe, and truthfully, we don’t think it needs it — but you could add some milk-like ingredients if you want. If you want to keep the recipe vegan but still enjoy some extra creaminess, try adding a splash of dairy-free milk such as almond milk, seed milk, nut milk or coconut milk. For those on a lacto-ovo vegetarian or carnivorous diet, you could add a bit of organic cream, organic goat yogurt or organic milk if you like.

How to Make the Vegan Iced Mocha Beverage

  1. Brew the coffee and put 1-2 oz of it in your mug.
  2. Add the sugar and the cocoa powder to the mug and stir.
  3. Stir in the powdered cinnamon and the vanilla
  4. Add enough water and ice to fill your mug.
  5. Drink and enjoy!
  6. DON’T give this beverage to your cat, no matter how much he wants to try it. The chocolate, the sugar and the coffee are all bad for him.
Don't Give Iced Mocha to a Cat! The Coffee and the Chocolate Are Both Bad for Him.
Don’t Give Iced Mocha to a Cat! The Coffee, the Sugar and the Chocolate Are ALL Bad for Him. Don’t Worry, We Grabbed Our Sneaky Little Kitty Before He Took a Drink From the Cup. He Sure Seemed Like He Wanted Some of This Beverage — And Who Can Blame Him?

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